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We encourage you to contact your Hearing Loss Association of America representative and attend a meeting in your area. There you'll meet others who are coping with their hearing loss just like you.

Support Groups offer the opportunity to share common issues and concerns in a caring, non-judgemental, positive and supportive small group.

Members believe that by helping one another and learning self -help skills, then members and their families will be better able to help others understand more about hearing loss and more success in coping with and living with hearing loss.

You'll learn about hearing health care providers, about different hearing aids, cochlear implants, and about other assistive listening devices, about captioning, and about accessibility issues in the community.

You'll learn about all aspeccts of hearing loss. Family members are encouraged to attend meetings and any trainings which may become available:

Training: - HLADEoffers training when the need exists in such topics as "listening sklls," learing to live with hearing loss", " Communications Skills Training," "Hearing Aids," and much more.

To obtain a complete list of all tainings, or to sign-up for a training contact us.

The most rewarding aspect of HLADE, however, is the friendships you will make with other hard of hearing and deaf people.

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Programs and Special Events

HLADE has many programs and events of special interest. Members learn advocacy skills and we encourage you to voice your support on issues such as captioning and digital phone accessibility. Community awareness of hearing issues is important. Also stressed are our opportunities to learn from each other in a social atmosphere.

  Speaker's Bureau Page

Know of a group that wants to learn more about any aspect of hearing loss? Then let us know! We'll provide the speaker your group needs.

  Training Programs for Business, Police and other Groups

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Hearing Loss - An Issue of National Health Concern

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