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A Win for Police Officers with Hearing Aids: HLAA Was There to Help

In 2010, the Hearionmg Loss Association of America (HLAA) received a phone call from New York Police Department (NYPD) Deputy Inspector Daniel Carione. He was being forced to retire from the NYPD.

His crime? He purchased and used a hearing aid on the job. NYPD bans the use of hearing aids on the job, regardless of how well that officer does his or her job.

HLAA stood by Carione for the last four years, offering our expertise in hearing loss to help him and his legal counsel build his case.
HLAA recently filed a friend of the court brief (amicus brief), drafted by attorneys at Cravath, Swain in New York City. The amicus brief was accepted into the record, and apparently had a positive impact on the court and the settlement process.

The amicus brief covers several issues, including: the assumptions made about hearing aids by NYPD were outdated and flawed; NYPD is one of the few police departments that ban hearing aids; and the practice is counterproductive, as it forces officers with hearing loss to hide their disability rather than address it, thus putting officers and the public at risk. Other organizations who signed on to our amicus brief were AARP, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Veterans United for Truth.

Deputy Inspector Dan Carione’s case, and that of NYPD Sergeant James Phillips who was also lost his job because he wore hearing aids, was scheduled for trial March 9, 2015. Instead, NYPD settled the case, offering both officers their jobs back, allowing them to use their hearing aids on the job.

Dan Carione will return to the NYPD, but not Jim Phillips because he found a job as a police officer in Brewster Village, New York, where hearing aids are accepted. New York City will also reassess its hearing aid policy and consider testing officers with hearing aids (as opposed to without). In the meantime, all officers who use hearing aids can be tested with their hearing aids.

Members of the HLAA New York City Chapter were eager to support Deputy Inspector Carione and Sergeant Phillips and ready to attend the trial. HLAA Member Jerry Bergman sent out regular updates to the HLAA NYC Chapter members. We are all thrilled that Dan Carione and Jim Phillips have seen a happy and just ending.

PA Residents! Pilot Grant Awarded to Fund First State-Wide Progranm of Support Services Providers (SPPs) for Pennsylvanians who are Deaf-Blind

HLADE advocates for the "Let's Loop Delaware" Project on WITN-TV in Wilmington

Follow the Let's Loop Delaware link, and move the slider to 37:40 for Linda Heller's interview and details on the Loop trechnology and project.

Wilmington Informal Coffee Support Group Formed

The Hearing Loss Association of Delaware (HLADE) is pleased to announce that a new North Wilmington informal Coffee Support Group will meet at 1:00-2:00 pm at Panera Bread in the Fairfax Shopping Center on north side of Concord Pike every 2nd Saturday of the month - except August.

The group will meet in rear section of the restaurant and the table will have an HLADE sign on it.

The purpose of the new group is for teens and adults who have hearing loss, hearing aids, cochlear implants or use listening devices to meet and help each other. Family and friends of people with hearing loss or people or anyone who wants to learn more and help others with hearing loss are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Please share this information with anyone you know who has a hearing loss or their family or friends.


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