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Free Smoke Detector for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People. Contact your local fire department to get one installed!

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New Study Shows Mom's Voice Activates
Child's Brain When They Hear It!

A new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine has found that a much larger area of the brain is activated when children hear their mother’s voice. For the full article, go to

New Facebook page created specifically for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Amtrak Riders. Connect Here

Delaware Voc Rehab Publishes
Pre-Employment Guide for "Disabled" Students 14 - 21

The Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) has published a Pre-Employment Transition Services (PETS) Summer/School Year Program Guide Pre-Employment Transition Services (PETS) Summer/School Year Program Guide for students with disabilities and students who are Deaf & Hard of Hearing.

Although each program has it's own referral/eligibility process, in general these programs are for transition students with disabilities ages 14 - 21, currently enrolled in school, who are potentially eligible for DVR. Individuals do not need to be open with DVR in order to apply.

Those interested in more information or applying should contact the program directly through the contact information provided on the form.

Captel unveils new video ads for
captioned telephone campaign in Delaware!

Good news, we have wonderful video clips about the Delaware CapTel 2400i phones.

Here are links to your CapTel Delaware spots, “Sisters” featuring the CapTel 2400i in 15-second, 30-second, and extended length versions, in YouTube, WMV and broadcast files.

Free ICann Communications Technology
Can Aid Deaf & Blind in Delaware

People with combined hearing and vision loss may be eligible for free communications equipment and training through the iCanConnect program, which is administered in Delaware by UD's Center for Disabilities Studies. Click for the YouTube Video or the Latest ICann Connect Info.

"So exactly what is earwax?"

Here's an interesting article on earwax and how to take care of it!

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   New Stats on Deaf / HOH Employment

   New Standards for Assistive Listening Systems!

   Delaware Taking Apps for Cap Tel Services

HLADE advocates for the "Let's Loop Delaware" Project on WITN-TV in Wilmington

Follow the Let's Loop Delaware link, and move the slider to 37:40 for Linda Heller's interview and details on the Loop trechnology and project.

Wilmington Informal Coffee Support Group Formed

The Hearing Loss Association of Delaware (HLADE) is pleased to announce that a new North Wilmington informal Coffee Support Group will meet at 1:00-2:00 pm at Panera Bread in the Fairfax Shopping Center on north side of Concord Pike every 2nd Saturday of the month - except August.

The group will meet in rear section of the restaurant and the table will have an HLADE sign on it.

The purpose of the new group is for teens and adults who have hearing loss, hearing aids, cochlear implants or use listening devices to meet and help each other. Family and friends of people with hearing loss or people or anyone who wants to learn more and help others with hearing loss are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Please share this information with anyone you know who has a hearing loss or their family or friends.

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